How to boost Conversions using HubSpot Marketing Emails and Workflows?

Over the years, the online market has grown exponentially, and so most businesses from varied industries and niches are entering the digital market. Due to the increasing competition, businesses have to make use of software to manage their business and also in expanding their business. 

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Dental hygiene is something that is very important in everyone's everyday life. JS Dental is an eCommerce website that specializes in dental care and makes available related products like night guard for teeth. 

JS Dental makes use of Shopify platform to sell its products online, and it is integrated with its HubSpot CRM system. With this integration, they were able to sync products from Shopify to the HubSpot product library, and deals were getting created in the respective deals pipeline. 

After they integrated Shopify with HubSpot, JS Dental was getting a hefty number of leads. But the deal conversion was low, and the number of deals was stagnant in the abandoned stages. The checkout was pending, or potential customers were just browsing through products. 

The main goal, therefore, is to improve the conversion rate using HubSpot Tools. Being HubSpot Diamond Partners, webdew was able to help resolve JS Dental's issues. Let us see this in detail.

HubSpot Tools for Conversion

Webdew's certified HubSpot experts leveraged HubSpot to tackle the issue, and they were able to increase insights in 3 areas. Here's how the HubSpot tools were used for the same:

  • Using HubSpot sales automation, the sales representatives were alerted when a deal was stagnant at one stage for more than X number of days. 

  • Using HubSpot marketing, lead nurturing emails and reminder emails were sent to potential customers. 

  • Using the HubSpot reporting tool, they were able to get campaign insights on how successful it was and work on the areas that required improvement.

Resolving HubSpot Workflow Errors

HubSpot Workflows may be a useful tool in business growth as they can be used to create smart workflows that aid with day-to-day marketing tasks. Enrolling leads and nurturing new and old prospects is quite effective with HubSpot workflows. 

With so many workflows, JS Dental faced a lot of errors. The webdew HubSpot team checked the workflows, identified the errors, and determined why the errors occurred.
Below listed were the reasons why the errors occurred:

  • Bounced contacts
  • Contacts in a suppression list
  • Non-marketings contacts
  • Unsubscribed from previous emails
  • Already enrolled contacts

After analyzing the errors, webdew's HubSpot experts suggested JS Dental to remove the bounced/unsubscribed contacts from the HubSpot CRM, change the status of non-marketing contacts with the contact status action in the workflow, and switch off re-enrollment. After these changes were made, the errors were resolved, and the workflows were functioning perfectly. 


Abandoned Deals in the Cart

Often most deals get abandoned in the checkout stage and piled up in the cart. This may be because people might want to buy it later. However, they forget about it. 

In these scenarios, it is important to nurture leads, and this can be done through reminder emails if the associate deal is abandoned in the checkout stage. 

JS Dental put forward the requirement to address abandoned deals in the cart by nurturing the contacts with reminder emails. Webdew's HubSpot team successfully resolved this challenge. 

First, workflows were created so as to send a series of emails to the contacts as reminders. The workflow functions started with checking if the deal was in the abandoned stage of their sales pipeline that was associated with a contact in their eCommerce store. 

If the deal is enrolled in the workflow and is in the abandoned stage after an hour, an abandoned cart reminder email will be sent to the potential customer. The reminder email will contain all relevant information about the abandoned products. 

If the contact has received another marketing email about a product, it will receive the marketing email instead of the abandoned cart email. After 22 hours, the workflow checks the deal stage again. In case the deal is still in the abandoned stage, the workflow will send reminders and marketing emails accordingly.

Browse abandoned Emails

The next challenge that JS Dental faced was that website visitors were browsing, but there was no conversion happening. To resolve this, they had to target the right contacts and nurture them so that they buy the products. 

To target these contacts, webdew's HubSpot team created a workflow 'Browse abandoned emails.' Through this, JS Dental can send emails to contacts who browsed the products on the website but haven't bought anything. 

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To trigger this workflow, the team had to check if any associated deal was known and should not be in the abandoned stage. This is because they might already be getting abandoned cart emails, and the contact has visited at least one website product page. Or, it may be that the associated deal is unknown, and the contact has visited at least one product page. 

Since this was the case, the team included contacts with known associated deals as they might have purchased something earlier but recently might have added things to the cart. 

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Wrapping Up

It is important for businesses to organize, manage, and nurture contacts. This can be done with ease with HubSpot marketing features of the HubSpot CRM. 

HubSpot CRM is one of the top-rated and affordable CRM software for any business, regardless of the size and industry. Sometimes, making full use of the CRM might be challenging. This is where webdew can be of assistance to you. 

Get a free consultation with our HubSpot professionals and find out how you can make the most out of HubSpot CRM to level up your marketing and sales. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I increase my HubSpot conversion rate?

To boost your HubSpot conversion rate, focus on several strategies. First, integrate text-based calls to action (CTAs) within your blog posts to guide visitors to take specific actions. Utilize lead flows on your blog to capture potential leads effectively. Test your landing pages regularly to refine their performance. Help nurture leads into marketing-qualified leads (MQLs) through targeted content and nurturing campaigns. Use workflows to streamline your team's efforts in managing leads. Include messages on high-converting web pages to engage visitors. Lastly, optimize your top-performing blog posts to maximize their conversion potential. These steps can enhance your conversion rates and overall marketing effectiveness on HubSpot.

How do I get a high conversion rate in email marketing?

To get more people to take action in your email marketing, follow these tips for higher conversion rates. First, grab their attention with an interesting subject line that makes them want to open the email. Next, personalize the content to make it feel more relevant and tailored to them. Create a sense of urgency or scarcity to prompt quicker action. Show off positive feedback with strategic testimonials to build trust. Lastly, make your call to action clear and compelling, so they know exactly what to do next. By applying these techniques, you can boost your email marketing success and turn more readers into customers.

What is the most effective email marketing campaign strategy HubSpot?

The most effective email marketing campaign strategy according to HubSpot involves personalization. Personalizing the email greeting is a crucial practice to drive successful results. A recent HubSpot survey found that 47.2% of marketers consider personalization to be one of the most effective strategies in achieving their email marketing goals. This means customizing email content to make recipients feel more engaged and valued, which can significantly improve the effectiveness of email marketing efforts.

Why use HubSpot for email marketing?

HubSpot is a great choice for email marketing because it offers powerful tools for free. You can create and send lots of emails that work well on any device. Plus, their easy drag-and-drop editor lets you design emails like a pro without any hassle. This means you can reach your audience effectively and make a strong impact with your emails. HubSpot's user-friendly features make it a top pick for businesses looking to run successful email campaigns. So, if you want to connect with your customers through emails that look amazing and get results, HubSpot has got you covered!