How to set up a full-fledged Email Marketing Automation from Scratch?

Travelling can be said to be a dream, a hobby, an adventure, etc., for many. Most people use the internet to collect data and plan their travel. This planning phase of surfing through websites includes searching for travel packages, comparing prices of hotels, destination options, etc. 

From the business point of view, people who search for them are resources and potential clients and a gold mine for marketing teams in the travel industry. Lead generation happens when they are reached out to through ads, emails, newsletters, etc.

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Sawadee is one branch of Travelopia, one of the leading experiential travel companies. They were also looking to lay out a complete process of email marketing automation from scratch. This will include having a preference page and a subscription page.

This was the case with Sawadee as well. They were looking to set up a complete process of marketing emails from the very scratch, which included a Preference page, Subscription types, and emails as well. 

As Travelopia had previous experience with webdew, there was smooth communication of the requirements, and they were confident in webdew's work as a HubSpot Diamond Partner. Let us look into how webdew's HubSpot team went about the process of setting up email marketing automation from scratch. 

Setting up a full-fledged Email Marketing Automation 

Setting up Preference and Subscription Page

To establish email marketing automation, they needed to set up two main pages: the preference page and the subscription page. The design of the Preference page was quite unique, and it was where they wanted to further capture additional information from page visitors. This was apart from collecting data just on the platform to update one's preferences and unsubscribes. 

We suggested using the default subscription and preference pages that are provided by HubSpot. These default pages could be customized to suit Sawadee's requirements. 

As per their requirement, we first changed the design to align and in accordance with Sawadee's existing website. This was done prior so that it resembles and creates uniformity with their branding. 

We changed the page's UI to make it more attractive and presentable. Then to capture additional information that they required, we added the forms that were being used on the preference page. Furthermore, to make it more eye-catching, we added some additional images to the page.

Email Creation

The templates created by the client were quite complex and lengthy. Due to this, they were not able to design or customize the emails properly with the drag-and-drop modules. Nevertheless, they needed some modules that could be customized.

Webdew's HubSpot developers created multiple custom modules that were used as one complete layout. This included an image section, text section, and multiple buttons as well. Those buttons were not basic but were of different shapes and colors. 

A single custom module that contains two sections, left and right, and then on both sections, there is a provision to add images, text body, and buttons. These were added and customized according to the client's requirements regarding colors and sizes. After this addition, it looked like the image shown below:

We created two separate custom modules that included images and buttons. The width of these images and buttons was set in specific ratios. One module is in the reverse ratio of the other.

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While creating and testing emails, it was noticed that outlook doesn't follow the rendering styles of other editors. Outlook software has a different way of rendering style and has its own editor. 

If we focus on the outlook rendering style, then there will be issues on the other platforms. HubSpot has previously observed these issues, and our team was able to resolve the issue, making it possible to integrate the rendering styles of various platforms. 

Wrapping Up

With the right assistance, Sawadee was able to set up and use hubspot email marketing automation that includes a preference page, subscription page, and marketing emails. This was efficiently done with the help of webdew's HubSpot team with skilled professionals. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I automate emails in HubSpot?

To automate emails in HubSpot, follow these steps: First, log in to your HubSpot account. Then, go to the Marketing section and click on Email. In the top right, you'll find the option to Create an email. Choose the Regular option in the dialog box. Once in the email editor, click on the Automation tab. Now, select the type of workflow you want to create under the "Choose what happens after your email is sent." This allows you to set up email automation, streamlining your communication and engagement with your contacts.


Is HubSpot good for email marketing?

HubSpot is a valuable tool for email marketing, offering several advantages. It functions as an all-in-one CRM platform, simplifying the management of customer relationships. Its user-friendly interface makes it accessible for users of all levels, while customizable email templates enable businesses to create engaging email campaigns with ease. HubSpot's email marketing features can help businesses enhance their email marketing efforts, making it a favorable choice for those looking to boost their marketing game.

How do you automate email marketing?

Automating email marketing involves using specialized software  to streamline the process. Begin by setting up the tool, then compile and segment the email list for targeted messaging. Establish triggers for your automation, such as subscriber sign-ups or specific customer actions. Craft email campaigns with content and designs that resonate with your audience. Once the setup is complete, activate the automation, allowing the software to send emails automatically based on the triggers and schedule you've defined. This approach saves time, ensures consistency, and boosts engagement, making your marketing efforts more efficient.

Can I send emails directly from HubSpot?

In HubSpot, you have the capability to send emails directly to individual contacts. You can do this either from the contact's specific record or from linked records such as companies, deals, tickets, or custom objects. This streamlined approach makes it easy to communicate with your contacts, whether you're reaching out to them individually or within the context of a broader business relationship, such as a deal or support ticket. HubSpot offers the flexibility to manage your email communications efficiently, enhancing your ability to engage with your contacts.