HubSpot Product Updates October 2020

HubSpot’s sole aim is to help its clients grow their businesses and keep them ahead of their competitors. With the help of feedback and ideas provided by the users, it tries to solve their problems with new product updates. 

HubSpot’s product updates for October 2020 are all about adaptability and innovation and are designed to add power to our already easy-to-use software. As usual I am excited to know about these updates. Hope you feel the same too.

Let’s dive in!

1. Marketing Hub Updates

1.1 Personalization Tokens in Emails for Custom Objects

Personalization Tokens

Personalization tokens make your client interaction better and help you to build a good relationship with them. Till now personalization was limited to contacts and companies but now  personalization tokens used in automated emails now support custom object values too.

With the latest feature of personalization tokens supporting custom objects, you’ll be able to fully leverage all your data right from within HubSpot.

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1.2 Sidebar Workflows in Ad Campaign

Embedded Workflows
Workflow-the most powerful tool in HubSpot. When this workflow tool is combined with any other tool, it will ofcourse make that tool more powerful and impactful.

With this latest feature, while creating a lead generation or web traffic campaigns in HubSpot, workflow can be created directly in campaign creation. This will help you to set up lead follow-up workflows easily without having to remember what form and Ad ID you have used from the website traffic campaign that converted your contact. 

1.3 Multi-Language Blog Settings

Multi Language Blog Setting
With the new multi-language blog settings you can set a different template for each blog language and edit comment, social sharing, and Google AMP settings for each language variant of your blog. This will help you to avoid mixed language content issues on your blog.

If you don't have a blog template in the language you prefer, you can clone any of your existing blog templates and edit the content.

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1.4 Dashboard Activity Log

Activity Log In Dashboard

Dashboards help you and your team to view important metrics in an easy way so that you can access your progress towards key goals. As the members make changes to the dashboard to help them answer their specific questions, it makes it difficult for the scaling team to maintain the dashboard perfectly.

HubSpot have built a chronological change log to give you a historical view into what changes were made within your dashboard, by whom, and when. This will help you to recreate your perfect dashboard view easily.

1.5 Adding Comments in Workflows

Add Comment In Workflows
Sometimes workflows can be complex and may need an explanation for your colleague or to track workflow outcomes. Adding comments to your workflow will make it easier for your team to understand the thought process.

You can also export workflows as an image to share with colleagues, clients, and partners.

1.6 Unused Workflows Tab

Unused Workflow Tab
Sometimes there are workflows that become obsolete when you change your strategy. These unused workflows clog up your account and cause unwanted limit overages.

But now, there is an easy way to identify and get rid of such unused workflows and keep your account clean.

Workflows that are not used in any other tool or either turned off or haven't been used in the last ninety days will appear under the Unused Workflow tab and help you to review and delete the ones no longer needed.

2. Sales Hub Updates

2.1 HubSpot Keyboard for Phone

HubSpot Keyboard For Phone
Being responsive timely to their customers is very important for reps. People tend to buy from the companies that respond to their inquiry first. Being prompt in responding and timely follow up is a winning strategy. Keeping this point in mind, HubSpot has added a HubSpot keyboard for your phone.

Sometimes most of our documents are scattered over our different apps and it takes time to toggle in between the different apps to get the documents. The HubSpot keyboard for phones makes it easy for you to insert information from your HubSpot CRM, such as snippets, meeting links, quotes and documents, into your messages on your phone. 

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2.2 Follow-up Tasks on Mobile

Follow Up Tasks On Phone
Creating tasks makes your follow-up easy but it shouldn’t take much of your time. The latest update by HubSpot allows you to create follow-up tasks on mobile with just one tap.

To use this feature you have to have the latest version of iOS or Android App. Now you can create follow-up tasks by tapping on a task. This will bring up the Task bottom sheet. When one task is completed, you will now be prompted to create a new follow-up task.

3. Service Hub Updates

3.1 Email Search in Conversations Inbox

Email Search In Conversations Inbox
This new feature allows you to search conversations by email addresses in Inbox. This wasn’t possible earlier. Searching for a conversation by email address helps you to find relevant conversations quickly.

Go to your Inbox search bar and search for an email address. When you search using an email address, the results will be more accurate and relevant.

3.2 Attachments in the Comments of Inbox

Attachments In Inbox Comments
This feature allows you to add attachments in the comment section of an Inbox. Adding attachments to comments helps the reps to ensure their teammates have all the relevant information that will help faster resolution of the problem and also provides a better customer experience.

3.3 Embed all Content Types into Knowledge Base Articles

Embed Content Type1Embed Content Type2
Embedding media to your Knowledge base articles provide your customers with the exact information they need. Earlier embedding used to be limited to only YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, and Vidyard videos. But now with the latest update, any embed code will work.

4. CMS Hub Updates

4.1 Importing Blog from WordPress to HubSpot

Hubspot Wordpress Integration
Earlier importing your blog into HubSpot wasn’t easy but now, you don’t have to worry about handling complex XML files from WordPress when importing your blog into HubSpot anymore. 

With WordPress Connect, you have to simply copy and paste your blog URL into the Blog Importer tool and your WordPress Blog will start importing into HubSpot. 

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4.2 Microsoft Visual Studio Extension

Visual Studio Extension
HubSpot has launched a new extension with Microsoft Visual Studio Code for the developers. This is one of the most popular code editors for developers. This extension not only increases efficiency but also provides niceties such as HubL block indentation, auto-complete snippets for HubL tags, and more.  

You can find this extension in the marketplace.

4.3 Mobile Editing

 Mobile Editing
Most of the visitors visit the websites on their mobile devices. HubSpot have launched mobile-first editing so that you can provide your customers with an optimal mobile experience. 

5. Bonus Updates

5.1 Product Updates Experience

Product Update
HubSpot keeps bringing new updates for its customers. Now you can read all about new updates right in your HubSpot account.

5.2 HubSpot Video

Hubspot Video

HubSpot has added a new video module that will let you add video to your content more easily than before. Now, you can drag and drop videos on your pages or emails as easily as you can do with other modules in HubSpot. Also you can easily adjust your thumbnail and player colors within the editor sidebar.

In the End

That’s all for this month. We will be back soon with the new updates soon. Till then explore the above mentioned one.

If you have any questions about a HubSpot topic, webdew- a HubSpot partner, has created a HubSpot Help Center for you to refer.

Take care! And, don't forget to contact us for all your queries related to HubSpot.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the product types in HubSpot?

HubSpot offers a CRM platform with six main products: Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, Service Hub, CMS Hub, Operations Hub, and Commerce Hub. These tools help businesses manage marketing, sales, customer service, website content, operations, and e-commerce. Alongside these premium products, HubSpot provides foundational features and free tools that support various aspects of customer relationship management, making it a comprehensive and flexible solution for businesses looking to grow and manage their customer base efficiently.

How do I view products on HubSpot?

To view products on HubSpot, start by opening your HubSpot account. Then, find and click on the settings icon in the main navigation bar. In the menu that appears on the left, scroll down and look for "Objects." Click on it and then select "Products." You will get to see a list of products. To organize them in a particular order, click on the column header that corresponds to how you want to sort them, like by name or price. This way, you can access and manage the products within HubSpot.

Why is HubSpot so successful?

HubSpot's remarkable success can be attributed to its customer-centric approach. The company prioritizes comprehending and satisfying customer requirements. Right from the start, HubSpot has stressed the importance of gathering and incorporating customer feedback into their continuous product and service enhancements. By genuinely focusing on their customers and adapting accordingly, they have built a loyal user base, which has played a vital role in their ongoing growth and prosperity.

What are reports in HubSpot?

In HubSpot, reports are tools that help you analyze data from various sources within the platform. The custom report builder is a unique feature that sets itself apart from other HubSpot reports. It allows you to examine data from marketing and sales activities, not just specific objects. This means you can gain insights from a broader range of data sources, giving you a  comprehensive view of all marketing and sales performance.