HubSpot Product Updates September 2020

Today’s world is so fast-pacing that every day brings you new changes and challenges. To keep up with the latest trends and be in the competition, you have to update yourself. Changes bring opportunities to embrace new experiences, new perspectives. 

HubSpot is determined to work hard to keep its customers ahead of their competitors. Keeping its customers’ interest in mind, HubSpot is here again with the latest product update for September. I am always excited to explore these new updates, and sure, you all must also be waiting for the same.

So come, let’s see what all new updates HubSpot has brought us this time.

1. Marketing Hub Updates

1.1 Marketing Contacts - Only pay for the Contacts that Count

Marketing Contacts

Your CRM must have the contacts that you don’t market. Many of them must be there because of bounces, unsubscriptions, partners, sales contacts, and many other reasons. 

HubSpot has brought a new pricing feature for its customers regarding contacts, which allows you to pay only for the contacts you want to market. You need not worry about the bill; the non-market contacts will bring. With this feature, you can focus your budget on the contacts that you send marketing emails and target ads to and enjoy free storage of up to one million non-marketing contacts for the rest of the contacts.

How does this Work

No one has time to categorize all of their contacts manually. If you are an existing Marketing Hub customer, the marketing contacts eligibility flow makes identifying your marketing contacts with automatically generated lists of bounces and unsubscribes plus the ability to add custom filters and lists of your own. 

If you’re new to HubSpot, you can mark your contacts as “marketing” as you go.

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Marketing contacts also come with larger contact bands giving you more room to grow, which means you can spend less time worrying about reaching contact limits and more time providing an excellent end-to-end customer experience.

1.2 Account-Based Marketing (ABM)

Account Based MarketingHubSpot has brought this update to boost efficiency. With ABM, you don’t have to waste time working to market and sell to unqualified leads that aren’t going to do any good for your business. You could directly engage and delight your target accounts. With this process, you can align your marketing and sales teams, promote long-term business growth, delight customers, and boost revenue.

How does this Work

Account-Based Marketing allows you to eliminate less-valuable companies early and help you work and communicate with high-value accounts. This, with personalizing the buyer’s journey and tailoring the communications, content, and campaigns for those accounts, will help you achieve more significant ROI and boost customer loyalty.


HubSpot marketing contacts also come with larger contact bands giving you more room to grow, which means you can spend less time worrying about reaching contact limits and more time providing an excellent end-to-end customer experience.

1.3 Revenue Attribution Reporting

Revenue Attribution Reporting

When a company grows, its customer journey becomes more and more complex, and also it becomes troublesome to show your impact on the growth of the business. So what’s the solution? The solution is - a better view of the customer journey and understanding of how you are moving forward with it. 

Here comes the role of HubSpot's multi-touch revenue attribution reporting that helps you to find out what channels are bringing in the most revenue.

How does it Work

Multi-touch attribution reporting lets teams set up certain parameters and assign credit to various teams for a customer going through the buyer's journey.

You need to have access to Marketing Hub Enterprise. You will find the multi-touch attribution reporting under Attribution Reports’ custom reporting, located either through the dashboard or under Reports Home. In the configure tab, you will find a list of options from where you can put together the attribution report that makes the most sense to you and your team.

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It helps you to figure out the channels bringing more revenue. Measure your impact on the growth of the business. It will also allow the non-Marketing teams to start conversations about aligning around common business goals and how the teams or individuals can work towards achieving those business goals.

1.4 More advanced Automation Engine

Advance Automation

Workflows are the beauty of HubSpot. The workflow tool automates your marketing, sales, and service processes and also some internal processes like notifying and assigning deals to your sales team. 

The latest update in workflows allows you to automate manual tasks, send more personalized communication, and easily build and maintain workflows.

How does it Work

New features in the workflows allow you to automate many more tasks in contact workflows. For example, triggering Slack notifications and updating CRM (deal, ticket, quote) properties when a new lead is created or changes stages.

You can also create more personal and appropriate customer experiences by controlling when you can communicate with your audience using new advanced delays.

Earlier, if/then branching conditions had to be built one at a time that made branched workflows complicated to create, navigate, and understand.
With the new update, you can build multi-branch workflows that allow you to add multiple conditions to a single if/then step so that your workflow can take more than two paths from a single if/then action. Now there is no need to build multiple workflows to achieve the same goal.

1.5 CRM-powered Marketing

CRM Powered Marketing

Marketers now have understood the power of content. All of them now have access to the resources, tools, and playbooks which were previously reserved only for sophisticated companies. But having access to all resources doesn’t mean that the output is good. It has also led to mediocre marketing practices. On an everyday basis, you might be receiving the numbers of marketing emails, and most of them must seem noise to you. 

Customers have learned to shun out these noises. Here comes CRM-powered marketing into the role. It helps you to unlock the data you need to personalize your marketing and break through the noise.

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1.6 CRM-powered Segmentation with Custom Object

Custom Object

In HubSpot, you can store data under predefined objects like Contacts, Companies, Deals, and Tickets. But with the Custom Object feature, you can structure your data how you actually use it.

If you cannot store your company’s data under categories like contacts, companies, or deals, then Custom Object is the best fit for you. With this feature, you can easily organize more information you need to do your job right inside your CRM.  

How does it Work?

You can name the object accordingly, decide what properties it has, and what other objects it can be associated with. Custom object data acts like other objects in HubSpot.

You can create custom object-based workflows like any other workflow in HubSpot. You can set enrollment triggers specific to your custom object’s properties to target whoever or whatever or whenever. Whether you’re looking to send email campaigns, update properties, or create team alerts, you can do it easily.

You can also compile your custom object reports into dashboards to summarize the insights. Select the exact custom object metrics you want to represent, then decide how you want to visualize it. 

1.7 CRM-powered, Programmable Email

Programmable Email

Personalization of emails allows you to connect with your customers in a better way and improves your customer engagement. With content tokens and smart content, personalization is made possible in HubSpot. But how can we leverage this personalization feature at a deeper level to reach out to our customers?

Creating one single email template that leverages custom, conditional logic to deliver a unique version to every contact on your list. HubSpot’s programmable email helps you create this sort of emails.

Take an example of a real estate agent. You could create one email to send customized listings of properties to your contacts every month, based on criteria like preferred location, rooms, and budget. With programmable email, the email content will automatically update with the information of homes with the lister's target neighborhoods based on the information you have on your database.

How does it Work

Programmable email content helps you to create and deliver customized and relevant email to your customers. It also helps you to personalize email within a drag-and-drop editor while enabling developers to unlock more advanced personalization using scripts and conditional logic.


Personalization of emails Improves customer engagement. It also helps in improving the customers' experience.

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1.8 CRM powered Triggers with behavioral Events

To click with your customers, it’s very important for you as a marketer to know what your customers want and what they don't. To meet your prospects in their buyer’s journey and provide them the relevant information they need at exactly the right time is called effective marketing.

CRM powered triggers with behavioral events helps you in reaching out to your prospects at the right time. 

How does it Work

Using CRM data and behavioral events, you can set up a trigger that sends off an email to prospects when it’s clear they are trying to decide whether to buy a product or not. You know this because they have visited your pricing page. Now you know that they are interested in your product. Take leverage and encourage them by sending an automated email with the product information.


It will help you close more deals and hence, increase in ROI.

1.9 CRM-powered Ads

CRM Powered Ads

The HubSpot ads tool allows you to directly retarget your leads or anonymous website visitors in Facebook, Google or LinkedIn. This makes sure that they see relevant information based on their interactions with your business.

But with the latest update regarding ads, HubSpot has made your lead generation through ads even more targeted.

How does it Work

HubSpot has enabled offline conversion tracking directly from HubSpot with ads optimization events. Now, the ads can not only be targeted at the right users at the right time but also optimized towards the right conversions. Today, Google only knows that an ad is clicked but doesn't know whatever happens after that. 

With ads optimization events, every time a contact’s lifecycle stage changes, a signal is sent directly to Google which better informs their optimization algorithms to show ads. This will help you optimize the most valuable leads for your business.


CRM Powered ds will help you find more customers with less investment leading to high ROAS and ROI.

1.10 Custom Report Builder

Custom Report Builder

New custom report builder is built to give you access to all of your data in one, and you can get rid of your spreadsheets. Now, you can access your contact, company, and deal data alongside your marketing email, landing page, ads, and blog engagement data within the custom report builder. 

How does it Work

Custom report builder in custom reports lets you select data resources with one primary and five other data resources and give you all reports in one place.


Report on all your HubSpot data in one place.

1.11 Flexible Dashboards

The primary use of a dashboard is that it should be able to give you a high-level overview of your business performance at a glance and help you understand what actions you need to take to improve your performance. But scrolling through an endless series of reports to access your most important business metrics is such a tedious and time-consuming task.

HubSpot’s latest feature of Flexible dashboards gives you a nice, customizable, and data-dense dashboard that allows you to easily build and share dashboards with your team.

How does it Work

Previously you can only make limited to 4 reports in a dashboard that made you scroll down a long page of reports to find all of your important information. Now, you can accommodate 20 different report sizes, let you further customize your dashboards, and put all of your most important metrics front and center to access.


More information at one place with important information right in front of you.

2. Sales Hub Updates

2.1 AI-powered Sales Acceleration

AI-powered Sales Acceleration

With Account-Based Marketing, HubSpot has introduced new tools to help you and your work more efficiently. HubSpot has always leveraged the power of AI to make HubSpot function better and make your work life more easy and efficient.

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How does it Work

The newest AI improvements have a feature that automatically considers the prospect's email signature and automatically draws relevant information like name, job title, company into your CRM. This feature is estimated to save reps one hour and fifty minutes every week. Along with this, there are many more time-saving improvements to HubSpot’s sales engagement tools.

No technical set up required for this feature to work. Simply navigate over to your contact and company settings to turn it on.


Saves you time and let you focus on other customer engagement activities.

2.2 Sales Engagement Tools

Sales Engagement

HubSpot has made lots of improvements in Sequences in recent time including bulk enroll, sender score, tighter integration with LinkedIn Sales Navigator, and more. Sequences are now tasked to follow up emails more easily and efficiently and make sure to miss nothing.  The new Today view within tasks gives reps a personalized command center to stay focused on their next steps and daily to-do list.

With Today view within tasks gives reps a personalized command center to stay focused on their next steps and daily to-do list.

How does it Work

Explore Today view in Tasks in sales Hub. You’ll be navigated to your Today view home page. From there, you can interact with your tasks, meetings, and more. 


Helps sales reps to stay focused on daily to-do lists and helps in increasing their productivity.

2.3 CPQ Tools

CPQ Tools

HubSpot has brought the latest integration with its CRM integration partner PandaDoc. PandaDoc’s softwares makes it easy to create, deliver, and eSign your team’s quotes, proposals, contracts, and other sales collateral right from HubSpot CRM. This will automate the sales approval process and save hours on every quote, proposal, and contract you and your team send.

How does it Work

Go to the HubSpot App Marketplace to explore these new integrations. From there, you can connect to the PandaDoc’s app.


You can create beautiful sales proposals, quotes, and contracts right from HubSpot CRM. It will eliminate manual data entry by merging Hubspot CRM properties with PandaDoc tokens in your document templates. Helps you to send, track, & view analytics on documents from contact, company or deal records in HubSpot CRM.

2.4 Sales Analytics Tools - Forecasting, Pipelines, and Coaching

The new Sales Analytics tool gives you deep insights into the overall health of your sales pipeline. You can use these insights to train your team and improve their efficiency and outcome. 

Stage Probability Weighted Forecast Report you can see a total view or running view of how your forecast has changed over time.

With deal pipeline waterfall analytics, you can drill into the sum total of changes to deals in a given time period. 

With Deal Change History Report you can get an up to the minute feed of changes to deals in your pipeline.

How does it Work

Go to Reports > Analytics Tools> Sales Analytics Report. There you can see the complete reports of your sales pipelines.


Gives you rich insights into your sales pipeline, which you can share with your team and coach them to improve their outcomes.

3. CMS Hub Updates

3.1 CMS Hub

HubSpot has come out with the biggest launch for marketers this year, CMS Hub. Yes, CMS was already there for but not as a part of the Marketing Hub. But your website is also very important for your business, and HubSpot has given it a thought and has turned CMS into its own product line, a.k.a. Hub.

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How does it Work

CMS Hub is content management that takes care of your website for you. Instead of making you manage plugins and your own systems, CMS Hub looks after all these systems for you.


Helps you build interactive, personalized web-apps on your website. 

4. Service Hub

4.1 Advanced Team Management Functionality

Advanced Team Management Functionality

Managing a team is a tedious task. It’s important for a manager to unify and manage tier teams effectively. HubSpot's latest feature, Team management view, helps you out with that. 

How does it Work

With the new team management view tool in Conversations, admins and super admins can view and change their team’s chat statuses. Admins have increased insight into which reps are available and which are not, and then they can adjust the status accordingly. 


Team management tool will give managers more control over their teams. They can better manage their teams that will help them improve the customer chat experience.

4.2 Jira Integration

Jira Integration

HubSpot’s two-way sync with JIRA ensures seamless team collaboration. This integration will make your front-line support collaborate easily with engineering and helps in solving customer inquiries as quickly as possible. 

How does it Work

Connect JIRA app with your HubSpot account. Now you can create and update Jira issues within HubSpot from the ticket record. Workflows tool can also be used to send notifications to your team and analyze your Jira issues using new Jira properties.


It helps you to resolve customer issues on a quick basis.

4.3 Ticket Sidebar in Inbox

Ticket Sidebar in Inbox

HubSpot has now added a dedicated ticket view in the inbox in conversations that shows any tickets associated with the current conversation. You can use the contextual information about the associated ticket, contact, and past conversations to inform your response to the contact's inquiry. 

How does it Work

In your Conversation inbox, you can view your ticket sidebar on the right side of the window. There you can see the information about the associated tickets, contacts, and conversations. You also can customize which contact and ticket properties you see to meet your needs.


With tickets, contact, and conversation information all present in one place, it will help your teams to reply to your customers more efficiently and personally.

4.4 Custom Bot Template

Custom bots ensure not to miss any conversation with your customers. You can use the bot to gather initial information about the visitor before a member of your team talks to the visitor. 

How does it Work

You can create a chatbot in conversations. Connect the bot with the conversation inbox, create the workflow with what question you want to ask the visitors, and do other settings like bot display on your website pages. The bot will engage with the visitor and gather initial information before your team member takes over the conversation.


Helps you to engage your customer when the team is not immediately available and gathers initial information about them. This will let you not miss any conversation opportunity with the customer.

4.5 Ticket Status Automation

Ticket Status Automation

With the help of ticket status automation, you can change the status of tickets automatically when you send or receive emails from customers. Earlier, you had to manually check the ticket status if a customer had replied or not and then manually change the status of their tickets. But with the latest update, It's easy to keep the track of ticket statuses.

How does it Work

Go to ticket settings and select the pipeline for which you’d like to configure this automation. Then set the ticket status you’d like to change when you receive and send an email from a customer. Also, create a workflow to trigger actions when a ticket reaches a certain status.


Helps you to keep track of ticket status without missing anything, enhance efficiency, and a better customer experience.

4.6 Multi-Language Knowledge Base

HubSpot has come out with a multi-language knowledge base update to support companies with an international customer base. Now you can translate current knowledge base articles into twenty-five different languages. 

How does it Work

In HubSpot’s main settings, go to Service > Knowledge base in the left sidebar menu. In the Language section under Other languages, click Add language. Add the language in the dialogue box. Click add.


Helps your international clientele to understand HubSpot’s concept in their own or preferred language.

In The End 

I hope you have gone through all the HubSpot’s product updates we have summarized for you above in our blog and have insight into how you can leverage these products to improve your team efficiency and grow your business. 

If you have any questions about a HubSpot topic, you can refer to our HubSpot Help Center.

We will be back soon to update you about new product updates. Reach out to us to clear out all your queries related to HubSpot.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I update line items in HubSpot?

To update line items in HubSpot, follow these steps: First, go to your HubSpot account and click on "Sales," then select "Deals." Next, click on the name of the deal record you want to update. On the right side, you'll find the "Line items" section. To add new line items to a deal without any, click "Add." If you want to edit existing line items, click "Edit." This action will take you to the line item editor, where you can make the necessary changes and updates to your line items within HubSpot.

How is data stored in HubSpot?

In HubSpot, data is securely stored across different datastores, designed to follow robust data safety and recovery guidelines. HubSpot leverages Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud for hosting its products. To enhance data security, information is duplicated across three separate data centers, ensuring redundancy and safeguarding against data loss. This multi-layered approach helps protect and maintain data integrity in the HubSpot platform.

What is a HubSpot workflow?

A HubSpot workflow is like an all-in-one marketing organizer. It helps you manage your marketing tasks on a single platform. You can make and automate emails, select your target audience from lists you've made, and monitor everything within HubSpot. It's a neat alternative to juggling various tools, making tracking and analysis simpler. HubSpot streamlines your marketing efforts into one place, making it easier to handle and evaluate your campaigns.

How many pipelines do I get in HubSpot?

In HubSpot, you can have several pipelines for your custom objects, which help you manage various processes. Each custom object is allowed up to 50 pipelines. To create or manage pipelines, access your HubSpot account and click on the settings icon in the main navigation bar. This feature allows you to organize and track different workflows efficiently.