HubSpot vs Hootsuite: The Battle of the leading Social Media Titans

Do you ever feel like social media management is taking over your life?

It's a common struggle for businesses trying to grow their online presence. Thankfully, there are platforms out there like HubSpot and Hootsuite that can help.

Both platforms have built-in social media management tools, but they approach it from different angles. HubSpot is known for its comprehensive suite of marketing and sales tools, while Hootsuite is focused solely on social media management.

In this blog post, we'll take a deep dive into the features and benefits of these two leading social media management platform, so you can determine which one is the best fit for your business. So, get ready for the battle of these two social media titans!

HubSpot vs. Hootsuite: The Ultimate Showdown

Welcome to the ultimate showdown of social media management tools. In this corner, we have HubSpot - the all-in-one marketing platform. And in the other corner, we have Hootsuite - the social media management powerhouse. Both offer unique features to help you streamline your social media efforts, but which one comes out on top to be the best tool? Let's find out!


HubSpot vs. Hootsuite: Ease-of-use

HubSpot is an inbound marketing based platform with an intuitive and user-friendly user interface. This one platform offers a clean dashboard with easy-to-use menus and icons.

The software has a drag-and-drop editor, making it easy to create landing pages, emails, and other content without any coding experience. Additionally, HubSpot offers a wealth of training resources and a helpful support team to assist users in navigating the platform.

Hootsuite's user interface is also easy to navigate, with a clean dashboard and a simple layout. This social media tool offers customizable tabs, which allow users to organize their streams and prioritize their social media content. Hootsuite also has a comprehensive help center and a dedicated support team to help users with any issues.


Both HubSpot and Hootsuite are relatively easy to use, but HubSpot wins out for its clean and intuitive interface. If you're looking for a tool that's quick to learn and easy to use, HubSpot is the way to go.

HubSpot CRM

HubSpot vs Hootsuite: Social Capabilities 

HubSpot offers social media publishing, monitoring, and analytics tools. You can schedule posts, track mentions, and hashtags, and measure the performance of your social campaigns.

HubSpot also has a feature called Social Inbox, which allows you to manage all of your social media interactions in one place. That means you can not just manage your social profiles, but also respond to social messages or queries while also being able to track their performance on social media.


Hootsuite, on the other hand, has a similar set of tools for social media publishing, monitoring, and analytics. Hootsuite's platform is known for its dashboard that displays all of your social media accounts in one place. It also has a social listening feature that allows you to track conversations and mentions of your brand


Source: HootSuite, 2023



When it comes to social media capabilities, Hootsuite is generally considered to be more focused on social media management and monitoring, while HubSpot is more geared toward social media marketing and automation.




Social Publishing



Social Analytics



Social Engagement



Content Optimization



Social Ads



Campaign Planning



HubSpot Social Tool vs Hootsuite: Analytics 

HubSpot's social tool provides users with a dashboard that displays data on clicks, shares, and engagement on social posts across all social media channels. Users can also track their top-performing content, analyze their follower demographics, and plan their social media strategy accordingly.

HubSpot's social media campaign analytics also integrate with its marketing and sales tools, allowing for a more comprehensive view of customer behavior.


On the other hand, Hootsuite offers a range of analytics features to manage social media, including customizable dashboards, engagement metrics, and team performance metrics. Hootsuite's analytics tools also include sentiment analysis, allowing users to gauge the general sentiment of their audience towards their brand or product.


(Source: Hootsuite,2023)

HubSpot appears to have the edge over Hootsuite in terms of social media monitoring and analytics capabilities. HubSpot provides more in-depth metrics, including tracking of specific social media postings and a comprehensive overview of all inbound marketing activities.

Additionally, HubSpot's social platform allows businesses to track and manage leads from a single database.


HubSpot Social Tool vs Hootsuite: Customer Support

When it comes to customer support, HubSpot has got you covered! The level of assistance you receive depends on the pricing plan you choose.

If you're on the free program, the HubSpot community is your go-to support option. It's a fantastic resource that showcases how popular the technology is, and you're sure to find help among your peers. Plus, there are local HubSpot groups you can join too!

HubSpot also offers a wealth of self-help tools to help you along your journey. You can access their extensive online knowledge base and enroll in premium HubSpot Academy courses to earn credentials.

If you're a Starter package user, you get email and live chat assistance. But, if you're a Professional or Enterprise subscriber, you also have the luxury of phone assistance. HubSpot's got your back, no matter what!


Hootsuite has got you covered with 24/7 customer support available through its social channels on Facebook and Twitter. If you opt for the Business package, you can even get priority assistance.

Plus, Hootsuite has an extensive online help center with articles and tips on how to manage all their social channels, discovering social media industry trends, understanding social media needs, adjusting settings, using the mobile app, and managing ad campaigns.

So, whether you're a newbie or an expert, Hootsuite has the resources to help you succeed in social media marketing and management.


Source: TheDigitalMerchant,2023


Overall, both platforms offer strong customer support options, with HubSpot having an edge in terms of an extensive knowledge base.

HubSpot vs. Hootsuite: Scheduling Posts

HubSpot's social marketing tool allows you to schedule posts in advance, similar to Hootsuite. However, HubSpot offers more flexibility in terms of scheduling options, allowing you to schedule posts down to the minute.

Additionally, you can easily see a preview of your post before scheduling it, ensuring that it looks just how you want it to. HubSpot also offers a content calendar view, making it easy to see all of your scheduled posts at a glance.


Hootsuite's scheduling tool is also very robust, with the ability to schedule posts across multiple social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. One unique feature of Hootsuite is the "Bulk Composer" tool, which allows you to upload multiple posts at once and schedule them all simultaneously across all your social media platforms.

Hootsuite's all-in-one social media management also offers a content calendar view to help you keep track of all your scheduled posts across all social profiles.


Source: Hootsuite,2023


Both Hootsuite and HubSpot offer powerful scheduling tools, but the best platform for you will depend on your specific needs and preferences. If you prioritize granular scheduling options and a preview of your posts, HubSpot may be the better option for you. On the contrary, if you need to schedule posts across multiple social platforms and want the ability to upload multiple posts at once, Hootsuite may be the way to go.




Content Library



Content Calendar



Workflow Approval



Shared Inbox



Users and Permission



Source: G2,2023


HubSpot Social Tool vs Hootsuite: RSS Feeds

With HubSpot's RSS feeds tool, you can easily subscribe to RSS feeds from your favorite websites, blogs, and news sources. By doing so, you can gather valuable information to boost your marketing efforts and share with your audience. Automating the content discovery process through RSS feeds saves you time and effort.

Additionally, when you add RSS feeds to HubSpot, a 'Follow Me' module appears on your site. This module displays on your influencer's posts when they create fresh material about your product. If their followers click on the link, they will be directed to your Social Media account.


With Hootsuite's RSS feeds tool, you can easily curate content to share on your social media platforms by adding relevant RSS feeds to your dashboard. Hootsuite helps saves you time by allowing you to quickly discover new information to share with your audience on your social feeds without actively searching for it.

Once you've added an RSS feed to your Hootsuite dashboard, you can read the most recent posts from it in a separate stream. You can then instantly publish posts to various social media accounts, schedule them for later, or even set up automated routines to distribute specific categories of content. 


Source: Hootsuite,2023


Both tools are useful for discovering and sharing content, but HubSpot's 'Follow Me' feature provides an added advantage for creating engagement on social media. However, Hootsuite's scheduling and automation capabilities may be more suitable for users who manage multiple social media accounts.

HubSpot vs Hootsuite: Pricing

HubSpot's free plan offers many useful features, like designing landing pages, organizing email campaigns, and building ads on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. However, it doesn't cover social media management.

To use HubSpot's social media management tools, you need to subscribe to the Professional Package of the HubSpot Marketing Hub, which starts at $800 per month. This plan includes social media management, blogging, SEO, marketing automation, and other tools integrated into the CRM to help you enhance your inbound marketing efforts.


On the other hand, Hootsuite is less expensive than HubSpot and offers a range of pricing plans, starting from a free plan. The free plan enables you to connect two social accounts and schedule five social media posts simultaneously. As you upgrade to paid plans, you get access to additional features such as connecting up to 10 social accounts, scheduling unlimited posts, and viewing messages.

Higher-level plans allow for larger marketing teams, more users, social accounts, and additional capabilities. However, Hootsuite doesn't provide email marketing or SEO tools, and its focus is solely on social media management.


Source: Hootsuite,2023


HubSpot's pricing may be more expensive, but it offers a more comprehensive set of marketing tools beyond social media management, while Hootsuite is focused primarily on social media management and has a more affordable pricing structure. The choice ultimately depends on your specific marketing needs and budget.


Making the better Choice: Which Option reigns Supreme?

After closely examining HubSpot and Hootsuite's social media management features, pricing, scheduling posts, and RSS feeds capabilities, we can now determine the best option for your business.

If you are looking for an all-in-one marketing software that includes social media management, blogging, SEO, marketing automation, and other tools built directly on top of your CRM, then HubSpot may be the right choice for you. However, if you're mainly focused on social media management and want an affordable option for monitoring social, Hootsuite is worth considering. 




Ease of Use



Ease of Setup



Ease of Admin



Meets Requirements



Quality of Support



Source: G2, 2023

Ultimately, the choice between HubSpot and Hootsuite depends on your business's unique needs and budget. If you require an all-in-one solution, HubSpot's Professional Package might be the best option for you. However, if you're looking for a more affordable social media management tool, Hootsuite might be the way to go.

Regardless of your choice, both options offer robust tools that can help take your social media presence to the next level.

When to Choose HubSpot

When to Choose Hootsuite

HubSpot is a comprehensive marketing automation tool that offers a wide range of marketing features, including email marketing, social media, SEO, landing pages, lead nurturing, and more. 

On the other hand, Hootsuite is mainly focused on running social media management and offers features like scheduling, monitoring,  reporting, and providing overview of all your social media efforts.

HubSpot allows businesses to personalize their marketing strategy, while delivering the right message to the right audience at the right time. This can lead to higher engagement and better results.

Hootsuite is best suited for businesses primarily focused on social media marketing and want a tool specifically designed for managing their social media accounts.

HubSpot is designed to be user-friendly, with a simple and intuitive interface. This means that even users with little to no marketing experience can easily learn how to use the platform.

Hootsuite allows overall social media management, so its user interface is designed to help users manage multiple social media accounts from a single dashboard.


Ready to streamline your Social Media Management?

And there you have it, the battle of the social media titans - HubSpot vs. Hootsuite. While both platforms have their strengths and weaknesses, it ultimately comes down to your business's unique needs and priorities.

HubSpot offers a comprehensive suite of marketing and sales tools, including social media management features, while Hootsuite is a social media management tool exclusively that excels in helping businesses manage accounts across multiple platforms.

So whether you're a small business owner looking to streamline your social media efforts or a marketer in charge of a large organization's online presence, both HubSpot and Hootsuite have something to offer. The important thing is to evaluate your needs and choose the platform that fits them best. 

If you're ready to plunge into the world of HubSpot and want some assistance along the way, we're here to help! Don't hesitate to reach out!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can Hootsuite integrate with HubSpot?

Yes, Hootsuite can work together with HubSpot. With this integration, you can combine data from your social media accounts with your HubSpot platform, all from your Hootsuite dashboard. This helps you improve your understanding of customers and enhance their experiences. It's a seamless way to enrich customer profiles and create more engaging interactions.

What is HubSpot best used for?

HubSpot is a versatile platform for businesses. It helps you build and manage websites, blogs, and email campaigns while keeping track of how well they're doing. You can also use it to handle customer interactions, like managing leads. Essentially, HubSpot simplifies marketing and sales tasks, offering tools for everything from website hosting to email sequences. It's an all-in-one solution that helps you understand what works and what doesn't, making your job easier.

Do people still use Hootsuite?

Yes, people still use Hootsuite. It's a popular social media management tool with over 800 Fortune 1000 companies relying on it to handle their social media tasks. Hootsuite excels in simplifying the management of multiple brands and social media accounts, making it an enduring choice for businesses seeking efficient social media solutions.

What are the limitations of Hootsuite free?

Hootsuite's Free plan has some limitations. You can only manage 2 social media accounts, and scheduling is limited to 5 posts. To overcome these limitations, you can upgrade to the Professional plan, which allows you to handle up to 10 social accounts and schedule an unlimited number of posts. Check out their plan options for more details.