7 Effective Ways to manage Leads in HubSpot

Do you want to increase your lead conversion ratio and business productivity?

Are you pondering over the best ways to manage the leads in HubSpot without any hassle?

Do you want to ensure that HubSpot is the right choice for you and will allow you to skyrocket your business?

Need not fret! In this article, you will get a top-notch list of HubSpot marketing tactics using which you can easily streamline your HubSpot lead management and say that you have made the right investment. Besides, it will help  make your sales team aligned, excited, and productive all at the same time.

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HubSpot uses inbound marketing, and it is an effortless way to attract visitors and generate leads. Indeed, HubSpot attracts, engages, and delights a considerable number of customers; therefore, organizing, managing, and tracking leads with HubSpot is not a cakewalk.

But, if you keep the below-mentioned points in mind, it will become easy for the users to make the most out of HubSpot.

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Now, without any further discussions, let's take a rundown at some of the best ways you can align your sales and marketing goals without any hassle and in much lesser time.

7 Ways to better manage Quality Leads in HubSpot

Let's find out how to manage leads in HubSpot, effectively.

Segment your Audience

It's a good idea to filter the contacts as it will not only help you to find the right contact but also saves a lot of time in sending emails to the right individual. The best part about HubSpot is that you can easily group the contacts according to buyer persona, buying stage, engagement, etc. by creating filters in the HubSpot CRM.

To create the contact filter in HubSpot, you have to navigate to your contacts and click on the add filter button. There you will get the list of properties from which you have to choose according to your contact. Furthermore, you can also add additional criteria like last contacted information to get more specific results.

So, make sure you categorize the contact perfectly and save the time that you might have to invest in sorting the contacts individually.;

Manage Leads In Hubspot Sorting ContactsSource: HubSpot

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Get Updates with an Automated Internal Notification (Workflow)

HubSpot Workflow is another great way to nurture and manage leads in a better way. The primary objective of HubSpot Workflows is to automate the contact life cycle stage.

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The organizations using HubSpot Workflows don't have to worry about sending emails time and again to nurture quality leads. Because workflows are made for internal reminder notifications.

Moreover, the workflow feature will ensure that you never lose sight of leads. So, if you want to keep your sales team organized and want them to manage leads without any hassle, then make sure you take advantage of the HubSpot Workflow. 

Manage Leads In Hubspot AdvantageSource: HubSpot

Don’t forget to add Forms 

Forms are another effective way to organize contact details in one centralized place. It helps you manage and segment the contacts and allows the organizations to prioritize their leads. 

With the HubSpot tool, one can create the forms without any hassle and at the right time. Visitors who are interested in availing of the services can easily share their details through forms.

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Adding forms to the website pages will help you generate leads and help the organizations figure out the essential data that they need to collect. 

So, make sure you embed forms on your website and have deep insight into your business.

Engaged Prospects with Live Chats

Manage Leads In Hubspot Live Chats


Another way by which you can interact with the leads in HubSpot is by using its live chat feature. It's both a practical and user-friendly way that helps organizations to personalize the conversions at scale right away. 

Whenever a potential visitor lands on the website’s landing pages, then the live chat box pops up. It will not only help you to customize the widget but also converts quality lead. To make instant conversions, you can also download HubSpot's mobile app. 

So, if you want to stay productive and give your team more flexibility to convert the leads, then I would recommend you use the live chat feature of HubSpot.

Try Default Properties in HubSpot

HubSpot is a time-saving tool and offers various default properties that allow organizations to manage contacts/leads effortlessly. This all-in-one business automation tool includes preloaded properties such as the lifecycle stage, last contacted date, last activity date, lead status, etc. 

Using all these properties, you would be able to sort the contacts and manage the data without any challenges. Now, you don't have to spend extra time searching the contacts that you have already contacted in the previous months. 

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Don't forget to tailor the right Content

By sending the right emails to the right individuals, you would easily convert the anonymous visitors into qualified leads. The smart content feature of HubSpot will allow you to send emails according to the groups that further help the organizations to engage the recipients and ensure actionable results. 

By creating smart lists in HubSpot, you can easily capture the contacts by meeting all their needs. All the created smart lists can be used to tailor the content according to specific individuals. So, try to enhance your email strategy as it will help you organize your leads and build a better customer experience. 

Send Emails in a Recipient's Time Zone

Manage Leads In Hubspot recipient's timezone

No matter whether you are targeting a newbie, professional, or enterprise customer, HubSpot's powerful features allow organizations to nurture the leads by fulfilling their demands.

There are no two opinions that sending relevant emails will attract visitors, but sending emails at the right time will increase your lead conversion rate. 

With the HubSpot smart send option, you can send the emails at the time the recipient is more likely to read and respond. After choosing this option, you will automatically get the percentage of the list according to the time zone. It will help you to choose the right time and schedule the email accordingly. 

HubSpot Email automation

Now, don't worry about losing the leads, or tracking leads in HubSpot, and get ready to manage the quality leads better to see high productivity and better revenue. 

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In a Nutshell 

Most users think that it is really challenging to organize and sort the leads. But actually, it's not a big deal to prioritize the leads and better business growth because the powerful features of HubSpot allow the users to manage tasks without any hassle.

Hopefully, if you have just stepped into HubSpot, the points mentioned above will help you get instant notifications, and nurture quality leads effortlessly. So, what are you waiting for? Start HubSpot lead management now, and organize your leads to accelerate the lead score. 

Are you still having second thoughts regarding HubSpot lead management? Feel free to ask your query in the comment section added below.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the 5 major steps of lead management?

Lead management involves guiding potential customers (leads) through a structured process to convert them into paying customers. The five key stages include lead generation (finding potential customers), lead qualification and segmentation (sorting them based on interest), lead nurturing (building relationships), lead scoring and routing (prioritizing leads for sales), and measuring success (evaluating the effectiveness of the strategy). This process helps businesses efficiently engage and convert leads into valuable customers.

How does HubSpot handle leads?

HubSpot's lead management makes handling potential customers easy. It keeps track of all lead information and interactions in one spot. You can make calls and send emails right from HubSpot, and it records everything for you. This saves you time and lets you focus on other important tasks. So, you can follow up with leads efficiently and grow your business smoothly.

How can I use HubSpot more effectively?

To use HubSpot more effectively, start by educating yourself on its features. Make sure to input and maintain clean data in the CRM for accurate reporting. Additionally, connect your email inbox and calendar to leverage meeting and tracking tools efficiently. These steps will help you make the most of HubSpot's capabilities and improve your customer relationship management.

Does HubSpot have lead scoring?

Yes, HubSpot offers lead scoring. With HubSpot's lead scoring software, you can analyze and score your leads using data from their entire journey. This helps your team focus on the most promising leads, improving your chances of closing deals. It ensures that you reach out at the right time with well-timed follow-ups, making your sales process more effective and data-driven.