How do Property Managers utilize HubSpot for Customer Service?

Exceptional customer service is crucial in the property management industry. Velo Residential is a US-based property management firm in Texas and Oklahoma with a modern management platform and virtual support services. 

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Velo Residential was looking for an all-in-one Content Management System that was secure, fast, and reliable. HubSpot was the CMS software they opted for, as it can manage everything in one place, including data management, email marketing, and blogging. They were also mainly focused on exploring lead generation and lead nurturing with HubSpot CRM.  

With an efficient CMS system, any company or individual can make changes to their websites' preexisting pages and also manage them from a single interface without the need for technical expertise. 

After getting insights into Velo Residential's requirements, webdew's HubSpot experts divided the entire process into four parts. These were marketing and sales onboarding, website creation, email campaign, and external integrations. 

In this blog, let us see how webdew's HubSpot experts set up HubSpot CMS to cater to the needs of the property management firm and how HubSpot features are beneficial. 

Setting up HubSpot for Property Management Services

Marketing and Sales Onboarding

Before setting up and aligning the HubSpot CMS for Velo Residential, webdew's HubSpot team first set up the HubSpot CRM. This was because the start-up property management firm wanted a very simple CRM that is easy to understand by their marketing and sales teams so as to provide excellent customer services. 

HubSpot's Sales and Marketing Hubs work in tandem to boost cross-team communication and efficiency while also allowing for more personalized, data-driven interactions with customers. With this, they can ensure that the messaging is consistent under a cohesive brand voice and tailor content across all touchpoints.

Understanding any new software to make the most of it can be a challenging job at first. The Velo Residential team wanted to go through each and every setting and tool to understand how HubSpot works

Therefore, webdew's HubSpot specialists, through various sessions, helped them understand the working of HubSpot. This included understanding the settings for various tools, how a particular tool is supposed to work, and how you can leverage them to strengthen their marketing and sales activities.

Website Creation

A website acts as an identity for any authentic business in today's world. However, to stand out in the competitive digital market space, not just any website is enough. An optimized, fast-loading, secure website with an appealing and intuitive web design, updated content, and relevant CTA can make any business website stay a step ahead of the competitors. 

Velo Residential's requirements for its website were quite simple. A website that was secure, fast loading, and designed with call-to-actions (CTA) that encouraged site visitors to schedule a consultation with them were the requirements put forward by them.

When it came to generating leads for the company, they had their whole attention centered on an organic, inbound strategy. Their primary inbound marketing strategies to generate leads were through blogging and hosting events. 

Webdew understood their requirements well and prepared the wireframe for the website. The website was simple and had only the services, blogs, and event page. Each page had CTAs encouraging visitors to schedule a consultation. A customized form was also attached to CTA, where the visitors have to fill up the services required and other relevant information. 

HubSpot makes it easy for even non-technical people in the team to update the website and add relevant content. It also allows you to track the success of the website so that you can see the growth in your business. Additionally, the HubSpot CMS excels at lead generation and tracking site traffic statistics, allowing you to nurture sales and gain insight into your audience and customer metrics.

Email Campaign

Velo Residential has also put forward the requirement of carrying out email campaigns. Velo Residential's marketing team worked along with webdew's HubSpot experts in curating marketing emails to create awareness and buzz about the property management firm. This email series gives tips on a diverse range of topics, including working with a professional property management firm and maximizing your business's bottom line.

The webdew team then created blog RSS emails so that anyone who has signed up for your website's blogs will get a notification daily, weekly, or monthly, depending on what they choose.

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds are online files that list all of the content that a website has published. When a site publishes a new piece of content, information about that content, such as the full text or a summary, the date it was published, the author, a link, etc.

Your blog's automated features, such as RSS-feed emails, should accurately represent your company's values. It is possible to use HubSpot to provide an email-based subscription (RSS) to your blog, even if you don't host your blog with them. Furthermore, HubSpot makes it easy to make last-minute adjustments to your content.

Now that these are set up, Velo Residential can easily carry out email marketing campaigns. Their clients will also receive notifications to the emails, as per their subscriptions. 

Email campaign

Enabling Integrations for More

In the real estate industry, it is important to keep a network and maintain connections. For this, Velo Residential hosts frequent online and offline events. To facilitate this, webdew's HubSpot team was able to integrate apps like Eventbrite and Zoom into their HubSpot account. 

By integrating Zoom with HubSpot, they can host their online webinars and sync the data. And with Eventbrite integration, they could sync registrations to HubSpot automatically, segment the database based on event information, and increase event engagement visibility. HubSpot CRM integration is possible with many apps and third-party software, which makes it easier for users to make full use of both the software systems to their advantage. 

Wrapping Up

With the help of webdew's HubSpot experts, Velo Residential was able to successfully set up a CMS and also satisfy its customers. With the CMS setup, they mainly aimed to nurture and generate more leads. They also leveled up their marketing and sales efficiency with HubSpot CRM. 

The property management industry is highly competitive, and for companies and firms to stand out, it is crucial to establish customer relationships and nurture leads. HubSpot is one of the best client management systems that is a storehouse of features that can be beneficial to grow in business. 

Being HubSpot Diamond Partners, webdew has a team of HubSpot certified professionals who can help you with all you need to grow your business. 

If you are still looking for answers on what CRM and CMS you need to use or how to make the most of your HubSpot system, get a free consultation with our HubSpot professionals

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is HubSpot good for customer service?

HubSpot, a robust CRM system, offers a free version that competes favorably with paid alternatives. It caters to marketing, sales, and customer service teams, making it an attractive choice for businesses seeking better customer relationship management. Whether opting for the free or paid version, HubSpot's versatility and features can benefit a wide range of companies aiming to enhance their customer service.

Is HubSpot CRM good for real estate?

HubSpot CRM provides valuable tools for real estate professionals to enhance their work efficiency. It offers automation features, custom object creation, and seamless integration with various applications. These resources empower real estate businesses, enhancing their operations and productivity. By utilizing HubSpot, real estate professionals can optimize their processes, potentially leading to substantial improvements in their performance and outcomes.

Is HubSpot a customer engagement platform?

HubSpot is surely a customer engagement platform, but it's more than just that. It uses a Smart CRM system that blends customer data with AI, enabling businesses to adjust their strategies. HubSpot offers various tools and products designed for engaging customers throughout their entire journey. Additionally, it provides an ecosystem of integrations, educational resources, and a community for support. In essence, HubSpot is a comprehensive solution for businesses to connect with their customers, create engagement, and ultimately achieve growth and improvement in their operations.

What is CRM in property management?

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) in property management refers to specialized software designed for property owners and managers to foster positive relationships with current and potential residents. This software features a database that stores essential information about residents, both existing and potential. By using property management CRM, property professionals can streamline their operations, communicate effectively with residents, track leases and payments, and provide better service. In essence, it's a tool that helps property managers maintain organized and efficient interactions with their residents, enhancing overall management and resident satisfaction.