Interview with CEO, Webdew: India's leading HubSpot Diamond Partner Agency

Drumroll, please…… It's a proud moment for the webdew team. webdew has become India's one and only HubSpot Diamond Partner Agency! And the celebrations of this joyful feeling are not going to stop anytime soon.

HubSpot is the world's leading all-in-one marketing, sales, and service software. HubSpot provides customer relationship management tools, social media marketing, content management, lead generation, web analytics, search engine optimization, live chat, customer support, and much more. 

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And webdew has achieved the prestigious status of being the Diamond partner agency, which is even more remarkable since webdew managed to achieve this within six months of the last status jump of becoming a Platinum partner agency.

Needless to say, that reaching this milestone would have been impossible without the support of its incredible staff and amazing clients. 

Over the past years, webdew has delivered quality services that definitely have turned out to be profitable for its clients. 

To know how webdew raised the stakes with HubSpot, we sat down(virtually!) with the Founder and CEO of webdew, Mr. Danish Wadhwa. His experience will help you implement business strategies to the highest standards and shine bright like a diamond. 

The Secrets shared by webdew - HubSpot Diamond Partner Agency, CEO

Let's get started... 

Q- Congratulations on webdew's big Moment. Let's talk about webdew's Association with HubSpot.

Thank you for your wishes. Indeed, it is a treasured moment for all of us at webdew

To begin, we are a full-service digital marketing agency based in India with a team of creators, marketers, and HubSpotters.

Though the company was founded in the year 2016 but in such a short span of time, webdew has carved a niche for itself in the IT industry for the services provided by it in the field of HubSpot, WebsitesVideos, and Marketing.

It has been a remarkable journey for us, especially with HubSpot. Achieving the Diamond partner milestone means a lot to the whole team of webdew. And for sure, this would not have been possible without the support of the HubSpot team and multiple happy customers. 

In 2017, we became a HubSpot certified partner agency and took our first step towards this journey. 

Following the pace of growth in 2018, we successfully added the feather of becoming a HubSpot Gold Partner to our hat. But we didn't stop working hard to achieve our next goal, and in 2019, we got our next tier status of HubSpot Platinum Partner

Our commitment to HubSpot never faded, and finally, in 2020, webdew became India's only HubSpot Diamond Partner

Yes! Achieving this milestone is an incredibly honored moment for the company. The phenomenal efforts of webdew team members and our clients' beliefs have turned this dream into reality.

Q- Please share How did it all start and How HubSpot contributed to your Growth?

It all started when I was running a Cloud Hosting Company. As I was excited to grow my business and generate powerful results, I started evaluating different companies situated in various regions. 

I found that for any company to attain success, a strong contributor was Marketing Automation. That was the time when we realized that outdated tactics don't work anymore, and it's time to breathe in the fresh air. 

So, we started using different tools to set up a marketing automation ecosystem with a lot of integration. At this juncture, we learned about a tool offering all the services under one umbrella. That's where webdew's story with HubSpot began. 

HubSpot is a perfect tool to fulfil multiple business needs and perform different tasks from one centralized place. It not only helped me grow customer satisfaction but also assisted me in increasing the conversion rate.  

After evaluating and understanding HubSpot, webdew became a certified HubSpot Partner and continued to grow as we funnelled down more leads throughout the year. 

There were indeed some trying times, especially when one is dealing in the Asian market, but as our vision was clear, we could quickly realign our resources to keep the right step forward.

I will not be completely honest if I do not mention the regular encouragement provided by HubSpot members, which sparked great vigor and focus in my team to ensure that the clients receive the maximum benefits of such an incredible platform HubSpot.

Courtesy of our association with HubSpot and our services' services, we can turn our website into a magnet. We are in a position to attract better clientele, convert quality leads, and even close more deals. 

And this is because webdew team can concentrate on the customers and their needs. This is only possible because the other activities are now being taken care of by the automated processes.

With HubSpot, we are able to easily create and optimize content, monitor contacts, build robust and personalized websites, nurture leads by automatic tasks, analyze how marketing progresses, etc., which further help us grow.

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Q- Can you put some Light on HubSpot Agency Partner Tiers and its qualifying Criteria?  

Well! HubSpot agency partner tiers are designed to recognize whether the agency has executed inbound marketing services with excellence or not. By using a combination of metrics, evaluating the monthly recurring revenue, and inbound marketing success, HubSpot categorizes their partners. 

There is a specific criterion to qualify. To be a HubSpot Partner, the company needs to have a valid partner certification. Also, they should use at least three applications across their account.

Once this criterion is fulfilled, tires are further determined on the number of clients the company brought to HubSpot as well as the total number of clients they have managed over time. 

There are a total of 4 tires of HubSpot partnership, including Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and Elite. To be a HubSpot Gold Partner, the threshold for Solds MRR is $3,000, and the threshold for managed MRR is $3,000. Similarly, to become a HubSpot Platinum Partner, the threshold for Solds MRR is $7,000, and the threshold for managed MRR is $13,000. 

Moving further, with the threshold for Solds MRR is $15,000 and the threshold for managed MRR is $49,000, the company is recognized as a HubSpot Diamond Partner.

At the top are HubSpot Elite Partners. To achieve this tire, the company should have a threshold for Solds MRR of $50,000 and the threshold for managed MRR of $150,000. 

Well! It is all about the qualifying criteria for tiering. 

Q- Now you are HubSpot Diamond Partner, so What does it mean for webdew and your Clients? 

I've been in the marketing biz for more than 10 years, but we joined HubSpot in 2017. In the four years since then, webdew has been one of the fastest-growing and is now India's only HubSpot diamond partner agency.

It's evident that moving from Platinum to Diamond partnership tire in less than 6 months is definitely a proud moment for everyone associated with webdew. As a business, we ensure to provide expert consultancy and support to the clients globally who are searching for the very best HubSpot services

However, the year 2020, has been very challenging for everyone around the world, irrespective of whichever line of work they are into. In the wake of Covid-19, webdew also had to streamline its resources and strategies. 

Our entire workforce is 100% working from home since March, but the team spirit has always been so strong that each and every team member understood the gravity of the situation, which resulted in heightened productivity.

I am grateful to my team for such a splendid performance that has secured us the next tier of being the Diamond Partner.

No doubt, our clients and the HubSpot team are really excited to work with us, and we look forward to keep on creating incredible experiences together in the long run. 

While wearing a shiny badge, webdew will definitely keep striving towards extraordinary and provide full support and amazing results to our fantastic clients. 

Do check the below video to know what HubSpot has to say about webdew. 


Q- What were the major Challenges webdew faced to turn this dream into reality? 

Yes! Every milestone comes with more challenges. Adding feathers to one's hat is not a matter of clicks. It needs dedication, hard work, support, and of course, quality.

As we wanted to achieve this from the last couple of years, so, by keeping all the challenges aside, webdew continued to learn, grow, and consistently deliver.

Well! To turn this dream into reality, building an ecosystem within the agency was difficult. Also, assisting the entire team in making them understand this product came with its unique challenges.

But with rigorous training, we have built a team of skilled employees who are always ready to take up challenges and surprises or shocks and make webdew proud. 

In this entire journey, HubSpot academy certifications were a great help. Each team member of webdew has done HubSpot certification to learn and implement newly updated strategies to drive actions that are relevant to clients and help them grow.  

To be very honest, selling HubSpot was not difficult. But one of the biggest challenges we faced during this journey was retaining clients for 6 months. Again with the help of exceptionally dedicated staff, this challenge was overcome.

The quality of work we deliver helps us build satisfying customers and fulfil their requirements on a regular basis. 

With god's blessings, every member of webdew is always ready to work for powerful results that will help our customers grow their bottom line. 

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Q- Please tell us more about the HubSpot Tools that you commonly use and help you Grow?

Indeed, HubSpot is full of tools, and each tool has its own benefits. webdew leverages the power of each HubSpot tool to its fullest.

Reporting is a wonderful tool of HubSpot, which is amazingly useful. I personally use it every day. Being a CEO, monitoring each task besides providing training to my colleagues comes with its own limitations. But here, the Reporting tool is a great help! 

With multiple filters, customization of reports is effortless, but it draws much sense to the efforts that we put into our projects. It is one thing that I check before starting my day. It not only eases my task, but the statistics help me better evaluate and implement strategies that help webdew grow. 

Another magic tool is a meeting calendar, something that I use daily and is really helpful. With the kind of projects we are doing, our timeline is strongly predefined.

This tool is my savior because all my commitments, whether towards clients or other team members, are met with great success. 

Even if I get engrossed in some other task, Google Bot notification helps me remember and join meetings in time. 

See! I was here in time to talk to you.

Q- As it's a big Release for webdew, now What has webdew planned for 2021? 

Definitely! It is not where webdew is going to stop. We will continue working hard and offer the best services to the clients.

We do visualize ourselves as becoming HubSpot Elite partners, but alongside, our intent towards client satisfaction and continuous learning is also very strong.

Although attaining the HubSpot Elite Partners badge needs three times more effort than in the past, we are committed to give it a good try. With the help of our astonishing clients and admirable team efforts, we will definitely try our best to be India's first HubSpot Elite Partners. So, stay in touch! 

Q- Any golden Rules you would like to share with other HubSpot Partner Agencies? 

Whilst, we all are patting ourselves on our back and creating incredible experiences, one of the golden rules I would like to share with my friends is consistency. Being consistent helps us keep striving to become extraordinary and achieve the goal that we aim for. 

Well! HubSpot's product itself and the people out there are so amazing that they helped me hit this milestone. Their 100% availability and powerful suggestions help webdew grow and make things happen. 

So, if any organization wants to be a HubSpot expert and make HubSpot work for them, be consistent and ready to accept challenges! 

In the end, I would like to express my gratitude towards HubSpot, the entire team of webdew, and our esteemed clients who contributed towards achieving this milestone. Well! It's not where webdew will stop or take a pause; we have a lot of new things on our bucket list, so stay tuned! 


Want to get in-depth about HubSpot tools or want to avail HubSpot expert services, webdew- HubSpot diamond partners are here!

Feel free to contact us. We are there to help you with amazing products. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is special about HubSpot?

HubSpot stands out for its dedication to creating a customer-centric experience. Unlike other platforms, HubSpot was built entirely in-house, resulting in a cohesive, customizable, and interconnected software solution. This means that users enjoy a smoother and more seamless experience with a lower total cost of ownership compared to systems pieced together from various sources. In essence, HubSpot prioritizes user-friendliness and effectiveness, making it the ideal choice for businesses looking to enhance their customer relationships and overall operations.

What challenges does HubSpot solve?

HubSpot addresses several challenges faced by businesses. Firstly, it helps them measure the return on investment (ROI) of their marketing efforts, solving the problem of uncertainty. Secondly, HubSpot assists in targeting the right audience, ensuring that marketing resources are directed at the most promising prospects. It also aids in building credibility by offering tools for content creation, improving a company's reputation. Lastly, HubSpot helps generate a larger pool of high-quality leads, increasing opportunities for sales and growth. These solutions make a HubSpot-certified agency a valuable partner for businesses seeking to overcome these common obstacles.

What is the main use of HubSpot?

HubSpot is an all-in-one software platform designed to help businesses manage their customer relationships. It brings together various tools and resources for marketing, sales, content management, and customer service into one place. With HubSpot, you can seamlessly connect these crucial aspects of your business, making it easier to understand and engage with your customers. This integrated approach can lead to faster business growth, as you can concentrate on serving your customers effectively and building stronger relationships with them through a single, unified platform.

What makes HubSpot CRM unique?

HubSpot CRM stands out due to its unique feature of categorizing customers for better list organization and personalization. It simplifies sales by tracking leads and fosters teamwork between marketing, sales, and customer service. This segmentation capability enhances efficiency and helps businesses provide more tailored interactions with their clients.