How to use Target Accounts in HubSpot to scale your Business?

You might be using an account-based marketing strategy for your business. Marketing and sales teams can use your target accounts index page to keep tabs on account progress. 

Maintaining a list of the clients you and your team want to engage with, as well as immediately identifying which ones need more attention, is made easier thanks to the target accounts index page. There are many other HubSpot Tools like lead capture tools that you can use to make full use of your HubSpot CRM account.

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In this blog, I will tell you how you can leverage target accounts in HubSpot to scale your business. The blog will cover how you can add target accounts, how to identify potential accounts and how to start working with a target account. 

So, let’s get started.

How to add Target Accounts?

Select a few accounts to view on the index page the first time you access it. You can easily add more target accounts later.

Whenever you add a target account, you can keep an eye on and look at the data of the companies on your target accounts index page. Using the company index page, a company import, or a company workflow, you can make a lot of company target accounts. You can do this by changing the target account property of each company record to True.

Alternatively, you can use the index page of your target accounts to manually perform this action.

Here’s how to do it:

Before starting, make sure you have created companies before proceeding to select them as target accounts. 

  • Navigate to Contacts > Target Accounts in your HubSpot account to select the accounts you want to target.

  • In the upper right corner, select the accounts you want to target from the drop-down menu.

  • Select the checkbox next to the name of the business you'd want to target in the right panel. You are free to choose as many companies as you want to work with at once.

  • Next, click on the Choose Account Targets option. Those accounts that you've selected will be added to your list of accounts to view. These company records will now have a Target Account property value of True.

  • Update their Target Account property to False in their record directly, in the necessary index pages, via import or through a workflow if you want to remove a target account.

You can see high-level metrics at the top of your target accounts index page when you've added your target accounts.

How to identify Potential Accounts?

Now that you know how to add target accounts, let us see how you can identify potential accounts. 

To identify potential accounts on your target accounts index page:  

  • Click on Prospects, which can be seen in the left sidebar menu. This will help you look at potential prospects.  

  • You can view HubSpot's recommended accounts to target based on the data in your HubSpot account by clicking Recommendations, which can be seen in the left sidebar menu. 

  • Hover your cursor over a recommended account. To make them a target account, choose them from the drop-down menu and click Add as target account. In any other case, click Dismiss to get the advice removed.

In addition, you may discover potential accounts among your company records by creating a score property for each of your companies or a workflow that assists you in marking appropriate companies as target accounts based on their score property values.

How do you filter and view Target Accounts?

Navigate to the Contacts > Target Accounts section of your HubSpot account.

Click on All owners, or Select teams from the dropdown menu, located at the top of the page. They allow you to narrow down the list of target accounts to specific company owners or teams. 

Select a category from the left-hand sidebar menu to narrow down the list of target accounts and obtain a high-level overview:

  • All: This displays a list of all of your targeted accounts.

  • No open tasks: This displays you all of the target accounts that do not have any open tasks that need to be completed at the moment.

  • No logged calls: This displays a list of all target accounts that have never had a call logged against them.

  • No meetings: This displays a list of all target accounts that have never had a meeting registered.

  • No open deals: This displays all of the target accounts that do not have any open deals (i.e., deals that are not closed-lost or closed won). Find out more about the transaction pipelines.

  • No decision-maker: You will see all target accounts that are not linked with a contact that has the buying role property value set to Decision-maker when you click on it. 

  • Blockers: This displays all target accounts linked to contacts with the Buying role property value.

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How to view the Overview of a Target Account?

Follow this to view the overview of a target account:

  • Navigate to Contacts > Target Accounts in your HubSpot account.

  • Click the name to get the Account summary in the right panel if you have a Sales Hub Professional or Enterprise seat. This comprises company-related activities, contacts, internal stakeholders, company-related deals, and monitored page visits from linked contacts.

If you don't have a Sales Hub Professional or Enterprise seat, click the name to open a new tab with its company data.

How to work with a Target Account?

Now that you know how to add, identify, filter and view target accounts, let's see how you can start using it.

Mouse over a target account and select the Actions dropdown menu to work on a target account. The menu will have:

  • Account overview: Select Account overview in the right sidebar to access it. If you have a Sales Hub Professional or Enterprise seat, you may use this feature.

  • Create a task: In a new tab, select create a task for the target account in its company record.

  • Make notes: Select make a note for the target account in its company record in a new tab.

  • View company record: Select and open the company record in a new tab.

Wrapping Up

Working on HubSpot can make sales and management a lot easier. HubSpot has one of the best CRM tools that a company or business of any sector can use. 

The know-how of HubSpot CRM is, however, very important so as to make full use of it. In this blog, I have explained how you can use Target Accounts in HubSpot so as to scale your business. 

If you are stuck somewhere and need the help of HubSpot experts, feel free to check out our services, or contact us straight away.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use target account feature in HubSpot?

To use the target account feature in HubSpot, first, log in to your account and go to Contacts > Target Accounts. Then, in the top right corner, click on "Choose target accounts." On the right side, search for the company you want to target and tick the checkbox next to it. You can repeat this process for multiple companies you wish to target. This feature helps you organize and focus your marketing efforts on specific companies or accounts within your HubSpot account.

How to choose target accounts?

Selecting target accounts for Account-Based Marketing (ABM) involves a strategic process. Begin by defining your goals and objectives. Focus on accounts that can enhance your brand's reputation. Seek accounts matching your ideal customer profile (ICP). Additionally, identify accounts offering deal acceleration potential. Employ data-driven strategies to guide your selection. By considering these factors, you can effectively choose the right target accounts for your ABM campaign, thereby increasing your chances of success in reaching and engaging with valuable customers.

How do you create a target list in HubSpot?

To create a target list in HubSpot, start by clicking "Contacts" in the top-left corner, then choose "Lists" from the dropdown. Next, click "Create list." In the left panel, select "Contact-based," "Company-based," or "Deal-based," depending on the type of list you need. These steps help you organize and categorize your contacts for more effective marketing and communication within HubSpot.

What is HubSpot target accounts?

HubSpot's Target Accounts feature is a tool that helps you and your team manage and prioritize the accounts you want to focus on. It allows you to organize and keep an eye on specific accounts and easily find the next actions to take. To get started, you'll need to set it up by choosing the key accounts you want to see on the main page, making it simpler to concentrate on your most important business relationships.