What is it like to use HubSpot CRM Alternatives? Expectation vs Reality

During the initial days of a business, handling customer data and information isn't that difficult. However, when your business starts to flourish and grow, you start getting more customers and hiring more employees, information gets dispersed across different data storage platforms.

Business growth is a great motivator, and it urges the need to manage and organize your data and information. Here the need for a CRM Customer Relationship Management system arises.

Well, a number of CRM software is available in the market, ranging from free to thousands of dollars per month.

To make your task easier in choosing the best CRM from all the alternatives to match your business needs, we have compiled a list of the widely used CRM by most organizations.

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The Benefits of using a CRM

Customer relationship management (CRM) software has now become a must-have tool for organizations of all sizes. CRM software has many benefits to offer to any business, from organizing contacts to automating key tasks. It is primarily a centralized and organized hub that facilitates consistent communication with customers and the organization.

Well, let's look at some of the key benefits of using a CRM.

  • Organizing the customer data - CRM helps you to organize your data and keep them updated at all times. This helps you to keep track of all the activity that a customer had with your team. Talking about Sales, it helps them to efficiently follow the pipeline and drive the sales funnel smoothly.
Manage pipeline with free CRM
  • Sales reporting - Track all your sales-related activities in one place. Starting from meetings, emails sent, calls to clients, deals closed, and many more to understand the team performance and improve the process.

  • Prospect and customer segmentation - Helps you to focus on the right lead based on different metrics such as location, close date, or deal size to better align to your organizational objectives.

  • Tracking your prospects - You should be able to track what your customers are checking on your website. This would help you to understand how to approach your prospects.

  • Automation of tasks - CRM helps you to automate your everyday tasks to make your processes more confined and thus saves time.
Automate CRM

Here is the List of top 5 CRM for your Business

Here is the list of CRMs based on reviews and the features they offer their clients.

Highlights HubSpot Insightly ZOHO AgileCRM Pipedrive
Average Review 4.4/5 4.0/5 4.3/5 3.9/5 4.5/5
Total Reviews 697 265 120 584 1169
Pricing Free forever Free for 2 users, $15 per user per month Free for 10 users, $15 per user per month Free for 10 users, $15 per user per month $10 per user per month
Contacts Up to 1,000,000

Free up to 2,500

Free up to 50,000 Free up to 25,000 Unlimited
Data Storage


Free up to 200 MB Unlimited

1 GB per user

2 GB per user

Why choose HubSpot CRM ?

If you are from a sales or marketing background, you would have probably come across HubSpot in one way or another. Owning nearly one-third of the marketing automation market, it's pretty clear that HubSpot is a broadly used platform.

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One of the well-known champions of inbound marketing, they provide a plethora of free resources, be it free online courses, e-books, or comprehensive blogs.

Now, I'll be really honest with you; having used the HubSpot CRM as a marketer, I'm a fan of HubSpot and all the services it offers. 

HubSpot CRM is one of the most popular CRM solutions used by many organizations. It has a wide range of tools such as chatbots, live conversation, emails, and an inbox that is integrated with the Marketing, Sales, and Customer Services to view, manage, modify, and reply to the conversations that happen. It also helps automate your daily tasks by scheduling them as per your needs to free up your valuable time.

HubSpot CRM

Here are the reasons to choose HubSpot CRM :

Managing the Sales Pipeline

HubSpot CRM provides a full view of the planned sales pipeline thus increasing sales efficiency.

Deals pipeline

Updating the Contact Details 

All the contacts in the HubSpot CRM are tagged precisely to their corresponding records as soon as there is any update to them.
Alternatives to HubSpot - Updating the Contact Details

Assigning the Prospects to Team Members 

HubSpot is smart enough to assign the prospects to the right team member whenever there is an alert form any messaging channel.
Alternatives to HubSpot CRM - Assigning the Prospects

Setting up Reminders

HubSpot’s CRM helps the sales team to create reminders by date and time. 

Alternatives to HubSpot CRM - Setting up Reminders

Tracking your Prospects

HubSpot’s CRM can track any activity that happens on your web pages or landing pages and stores the data for your next action.
Alternatives to HubSpot CRM - Tracking your Prospects

Effective Team Communication

As HubSpot CRM is integrated with marketing, sales, and service departments, it helps in the effective flow of communication.

HubSpot Email automation

Scheduling Meetings

HubSpot lets you schedule all your meetings and appointments so that you can manage all your tasks in one place.

Meeting Sales Pro


You can set up your workflows to automate the processes and manage your time efficiently. These help to manage the task that has been planned and lets you set up your entire pipeline.

Alternatives to HubSpot CRM - Workflows

Creation of Sales Reports

CRMs allow your sales teams to collect and analyze data about their prospects and deals. This report helps them to understand better their performance related to sales pipelines, deals, and contacts. The sales team can fetch relevant data from the sales dashboard and reports to better analyze their efforts and take necessary measures to improve their metrics.

Alternatives to HubSpot CRM - Creation of Sales reports

Here is an infographic that shows the 5 benefits of using the HubSpot CRM.
Alternatives to HubSpot CRM - 5 Ways to Use the HubSpot CRM - infographic

Well, that was something! However, if you are still dicey about what CRM to go for, you can go through: HubSpot vs Asana, HubSpot vs Insightly, HubSpot vs Zoho, and HubSpot vs Wix.

Click here for free HubSpot signup hubspot.sjv.io/webdew

Over to You

Well, there are quite a few HubSpot competitors in the market.

However, no two solutions are the same, and depending on the business, perhaps one CRM will be a more suitable fit than the other. So, go for the tool that you feel is best for your business, aligns with your organizational objectives, and of course, fits your budget.

We hope that this would probably help you select the right CRM that matches your business needs.

No matter which CRM you pick, make the most of it. Contact us to know your options in detail.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best alternative to HubSpot?

If you're seeking an alternative to HubSpot's Marketing Hub, there are several options to consider. Mailchimp, known for its user-friendly email marketing, is a popular choice. Adobe Marketo Engage offers robust marketing automation. SendGrid Marketing Campaigns excels in email delivery and marketing. Netcore Customer Engagement focuses on customer-centric marketing. Constant Contact is great for small businesses. Campaign Monitor provides elegant email marketing solutions. Salesforce Marketing Cloud is ideal for enterprises looking for an all-in-one solution. Lastly, the Zeta Marketing Platform offers data-driven marketing options. Each alternative has its unique strengths, catering to various business needs and preferences.

Why do you choose to work with HubSpot and not other CRM systems?

We prefer HubSpot over other CRM systems because it's designed with a customer-focused approach. Unlike some alternatives that piece together various components, HubSpot offers a unified, customizable, and user-friendly platform. This in-house development ensures a seamless and connected user experience, making it easier to use and more cost-effective than solutions that are haphazardly assembled from different sources. HubSpot's commitment to a well-crafted, customer-centric system aligns with our goals and values.

How is HubSpot different from its competitors?

HubSpot stands out from competitors by offering more than just marketing automation; it serves as a versatile productivity tool. Unlike its rivals, HubSpot's unique value lies in its ability to handle various aspects of your digital presence. It seamlessly combines digital marketing, sales integration, and website hosting, making it a comprehensive growth stack. This integrated approach simplifies operations, enhances efficiency, and fosters a cohesive online presence, setting HubSpot apart in the market.

Is HubSpot CRM hard to use?

HubSpot CRM is user-friendly and offers a straightforward experience. It's not difficult to use in your daily tasks. Furthermore, it's a breeze to create content with HubSpot. Features like landing pages, forms, and emails have a drag-and-drop interface, making content creation a simple process. You can also efficiently create and schedule social media content. This user-friendliness extends to both using and building within the platform, making it accessible for a wide range of users.