Find everything on HubSpot Gravity Form Integration in this easy Guide

If you are serious about your business and are ready to expand it, you have to figure out a way to fasten tedious and laborious processes. You may say that with the rise of IT and AI, there are plenty of tools to take care of standard procedures.

Indeed it is true. However, several separate tools and modules may be too confusing and hectic to handle, resulting in the slowing of the operations instead. 

Thus, you have to learn how to implement tools wisely. HubSpot is one such tool that helps businesses in various ways. However, when it merges with other competent and useful tools, its benefits are maximized.

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Here we will discuss the HubSpot Gravity Forms Integration in detail to help you make a sound and informed decision regarding the same and have a smooth operation after that.

But before we get into the integration part, let's clarify some basic concepts.

Clarifying some basic Concepts

What do you know about Gravity Forms?

If you are familiar with WordPress, you probably know about Gravity Forms already. Yes, it is a WordPress module that manages the forms and allows you to create complex and useful forms effortlessly in no time.

What are the Benefits of Gravity Forms?

Online forms are of paramount importance in this age of digital transformation. Whether you are trying to set up an eCommerce website or running an educational website, forms are mandatory to collect information, conduct surveys or polls, etc. 

WordPress Gravity Forms are the best choice in this context. You can create almost any type of form, including polls, user surveys, file upload forms, quizzes, support requests, online orders, etc., with this module. 

Besides, Gravity Forms even accept fully formatted WordPress post submission due to their rich text editor field.

Why use Gravity Forms?

Gravity for configuration settings presents users with a great deal of control over how they interact with forms and handle the form entries. The features also cover who receives entry notifications and in which format.

Also, it provides the ability to set the availability of the HubSpot forms according to date, user rolls, or received number of entries, etc.

What do you know about HubSpot?

HubSpot is the blooming inbuild marketing software that helps marketers and entrepreneurs attract traffic to their website, convert them into quality leads, and finally draw closure. It's an all-in-one platform that helps to bring the entire business online.

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What are the Benefits of HubSpot?

HubSpot offers one of the most powerful and advanced CRM tools and helps businesses a great deal in lead and customer management. It allows users to design and customize their own web forms, which are essential to acquire leads and subscribers through inbound marketing.

Once they subscribe to your list, HubSpot allows you to send newsletters and follow-up emails to subscribers. 

Last but not least, HubSpot allows you to create online content that drives more visitors without coding.

Why use HubSpot?

HubSpot CRM allows you to segment your audience and assign a score to your best leads. The marketing automation enables users to create a customer journey for your prospects to drive them through the entire pipeline. 

Can we integrate Gravity Forms with our HubSpot Accounts?

Yes, you can easily integrate WordPress Gravity forms with HubSpot.

It is a seamless integration that allows you to create and update contact profiles, contact analysis, email automation, etc. 

Why integrate Gravity Forms with HubSpot?

Gravity Form and HubSpot integration make it almost effortless to manage contacts as WordPress and HubSpot, together, offer the best contact management plugins. 

The integration enables the merging of all the Gravity Form entries with HubSpot allowing you to administer your contacts more efficiently using the power of tools available in your HubSpot account. 

The following are practical benefits:

You can create and update the Contact Profiles of your Customers

When a visitor fills and submits a form on your website, HubSpot CRM features automatically saves and stores all the entered information. That's not it; you will also be able to see what pages they visited on your website, what they are interested in, what forms they filled out, etc.

As a result, your sales, marketing, and services are empowered to conduct a more personalized and tailored conversation with each contact.

Create and update the contact profiles of your customersSource: HubSpot

You can analyze the Contacts and segment them into Groups

HubSpot provides detailed analytics on your contact list, enabling you to understand which forms are usually completed, how many contacts are being generated, and what they are engaging with the most. You can thereby create a segmented email list, enhancing your chances of feeding your connections with the appropriate contact. 

analyze the contacts and segment them into groupsSource: HubSpot

You can automate the Routine and follow-up Emails

Emails are one of the best ways to market your business. With high ROI and open-rates, email marketing is a constant helping hand. When you integrate Gravity Forms with HubSpot, you can easily send and automate email follow-ups when a form is submitted on your website. 

How to connect HubSpot and Gravity Forms?

The following are the different ways that you can apply to connect HubSpot with Gravity Forms:

  • Add contacts to HubSpot from recent Gravity Form entries

  • Create HubSpot contacts from new Gravity Form submissions

  • Integrate Gravity Forms with HubSpot Forms

  • Add new Gravity Form respondents to lists on HubSpot

  • Create HubSpot deals when new Gravity Form submission comes in

  • Create HubSpot contacts from new form submissions in Gravity Forms

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How does HubSpot and Gravity Forms Work?

Step 1: The first step is to authenticate Gravity Forms and HubSpot

Step 2: Pick one of the two apps as a trigger, which will boost the automation

Step 3: Choose a resulting action from the other app

Step 4: Select the data you want to send from one app to the other.

That's all; you are all set!

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As you can see, HubSpot and Gravity Forms complement each other and empower their users when brought together. Also, it is easy to integrate the two. We don't see why you should not be tempted to avail this opportunity right away.

Are you looking for a HubSpot service provider to guide you through the same? We recommend thorough market research and company-wise analysis before making the final choice.

So, quit thinking and get going. Enjoy the best of HubSpot and Gravity Forms.

If you want assistance in HubSpot integration, feel free to contact us. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does gravity forms integrate with HubSpot?

Yes, Gravity Forms can work together with HubSpot through its dedicated add-on. This integration allows for a smooth connection between your web forms and HubSpot. When configured, it enables the automatic transfer of new form entries straight to your HubSpot dashboard. This streamlined process empowers you to efficiently oversee, monitor, and categorize your contacts within the HubSpot platform, enhancing your overall marketing and customer relationship management capabilities.

How do you connect gravity form to HubSpot?

To connect Gravity Forms to HubSpot, first, create a free HubSpot account if you're new. Then, install the HubSpot add-on. In your WordPress dashboard, go to the Settings tab and click on HubSpot. You'll see an option to connect your HubSpot account. Click there, and log in with your HubSpot credentials. This connection allows your Gravity Forms submissions to sync with HubSpot, streamlining your lead generation and customer relationship management efforts.

Is gravity forms a plugin?

Yes, Gravity Forms is indeed a plugin for WordPress. It's like an add-on that supercharges your WordPress website. With Gravity Forms, you can easily make forms to gather data, run surveys, and polls on your site. It's a handy tool for collecting information and engaging with your visitors. While Gravity Forms offers various features, you can usually find information about its pricing on the official Gravity Forms website, which helps you decide on the plan that suits your needs. So, in short, it's a helpful plugin for enhancing your WordPress website's capabilities.

Is HubSpot form builder free?

Yes, HubSpot's form builder is free! With this tool, you can easily create and customize forms to collect contact information from visitors. It's user-friendly and seamlessly integrates with your CRM, making it a convenient way to gather data from interested users. You have the flexibility to tailor your forms using a wide range of predefined fields, over 1,000 of them, to ensure you're capturing the specific details you require. This free resource from HubSpot simplifies contact information collection and organization for your business needs.